Thursday Fun: Me, Myself and Irene captures DiD, masterfully.

Hello lovelies. Today is a big day for  few reasons. Thank you for stopping by when you could be elsewhere. That makes us feel really great!

One of the better (And funnier) representations of DiD is expressed in Me, Myself and Irene. Charlie’s silly clinical diagnosis (Advanced delusional schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage) makes it clear that the producers weren’t going out of their way to completely demonize mentally ill people.

DiD destroyed our lives – that doesn’t mean anyone who mimics our diagnosis is going out of their way to offend us, or anyone. I do wish at least, perhaps 5 minutes would have been dedicated to erasing mental health stigma but oh well.

So this is what it’s like, a lot. When, let’s say Mark has become dominant, look out. Just like Hank, Mark has no problem telling people who are drinking coffee laced with Caffeine to shut the fuck up about our smoking. Just as the movie illustrates, Charlie doesn’t even realize he has become someone else. Hilarity ensues and just like the movies, that hilarity is still present in our lives, living with DiD.

Hank acts with complete abandon, not realizing the consequences of his conflict based approach to dealing with snobby people. Nothing else matters except Hank’s mission to cause chaos – to even the score for Charlie, who can’t deal with his own problems. Job be damned, friends be damned, neighbors be damned. nothing else matters for Hank, just like Mark.

We would say this is classic DiD, instead of the ridiculous clinical diagnosis given in the movie. Charlie, thankfully only has one alter to deal with. That would make our lives infinitely easier to deal with. LOL. Just like Charlie, we also have stress (Overstress/Overstimulation) seizures that mimic our trauma – A split is occurring. Imagine living for decades not understanding your not just one person.

And just Charlie, eventually, Hank disappears when the aftermath begins to materialize because of his behavior. Just as we were shocked at the moment we realized we are 3 people, Charlie had no idea how Hank was created in the first place, he too was in shock. That’s how it goes when it finally sinks in.

Put a rush on that.

M and K


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