A new holy crap moment!

Hello lovelies! If you have gone through recovery or are going through it and you finally verbalize something you have been trying to put your finger on for years? How LIBERATING does it feel, yes? It’s like a jolt of electricity that goes right through you and everything makes sense. It’s like “Holy shit, now I can FINALLY communicate what I’m feeling and SEEING”. It’s rough being Autistic, we will tell you what. Expressing emotions is really, really hard. Everything’s backwards.

Almost as if a MASSIVE weight has finally been lifted off of us. A boulder, a car, a 747, we can breathe again, literally. It all makes perfect sense.

This only took two years to figure out. It’s just like, holy shit! We are kind of speechless, right now. Look deeper…look deeper…

That’s the moment we just had and it’s like wow, these moments, how wonderful are they.  Have a lovely night, lovelies. Thanks for spending your time with us. 😀 What a JOLT!

M and K



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