Mentally Ill doesn’t mean “Insane” by default.

Hello lovelies. What a really weird, odd day. It was a bit more difficult to get through than we thought but here we are. Thanks for stopping by, we really appreciate it – we need ya right now.


So, a very popular TV show host decided to to label ALL mentally ill people as being “Insane”.

This person is part of the problem.

The idea was that by default we are all “insane” simply for being mentally ill. Mentally ill people,by the way, have the same exact right to protect their loved ones just as much as you do (from a Bear or a burglar).

We respect the idea that people have the right to make themselves look like assholes all day long if they like. Speak freely. That’s part of the social contract. Listen and tolerate shit you don’t really like, even if it comes at the cost of mental illness stigmatization. We choose to fight mental health stigma the old fashion way, with facts.

Attention dickhead TV show host: Mentally ill people are far likely, statistically speaking to be the recipients of violent crime, not the perpetrators of such. Not all mentally ill people are insane simply because they are mentally ill. Not all mentally ill people that want to own firearms want to use them in violent crimes.

ANYONE can go “insane”. The shit mentally ill people have to go through (including dealing with people like you and the people that listen to you) would make your head spin, bud. Give us a break, eh?