The Warrior

The Warrior

Draw your bow skillfully and slowly – Your aim must be small,
Breathe deep – the target ahead is small and the sun – bright…
Exhale slowly – release your fingers – Savor your bow bucking,
Do not blink, dear warrior, a fine shot you must be.

Smile and keep your bow raised – For your target still stands,
Your breath, speckled white in the winter’s morning, do not hold…
Squint ahead, your arrow will land – Pull back your quiver,
No shame, dear warrior – Your shot, practiced perfection.

Approach carefully – Draw your bow and give heed to the biting wind,
Look upon your prey while the snow quietly falls – Do not blink…
Never dismay the steel arrow you fire so true – Breathe deep,
A fearless warrior you are – And a fearless warrior you will always be.

M.S. (J,MC)


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