Ready for a recovery LOL? We have one :D

Hello lovelies. We were doing some creative writing and we just put two and two together. These happy lol’s come in from time to time and provides some instant relief to a LOT of pressure. We echoed the HELL out of this to ANYONE that would listen, sometimes, for days on end. NOW it makes perfect sense! LOL! LOL!

This is the moment Katy and I met. Our Autistic brains put this together long before we did and this is exactly what it was like. TERRIFYING but absolutely HILARIOUS! What’s interesting is this is both a direct echo and an allegorical one in the sense that not only do I have do deal with Katy but all of her other personas (bus full of women) that I have to bus around.

These moments, man, these are the really great part of recovery that happen in real time and we can share them with you. Great, great movie moment. This movie was a big part of my life in my very late teens all the way up until recovery began. There are times when shit is so rough, you only have laughing left. It’s the last shred of dignity you have, the last hope.

Damn is that funny. Dammmmmmmn! Now, actually, this entire movie makes sense. That simple, that quick. LOL.


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