We were lab rats.

Hello lovelies. This is the truth, the light of things, the beginning and we are terrified and feel more alone now more than ever. The above we think is all that needs to be said. This was included in our adoption record of what my adoptive parents were seeking, in their own handwriting at the time of our adoption. The tunnel only gets deeper and more disgusting. Like, projectile puke kind of thing. Something you feel running through your blood, this slime, shame, just awful.

Lies, lies, and more lies. Lies to family members, lies to siblings, lies to extended family members, lies to employers, ex girlfriends, lies to police officers, lies to therapists, counselors, school teachers and even blood family members. Anything in their power to hide what they did to us and our brother.


This makes our blood run cold and the rest of the file only makes us sicker – Welcome to the light. I love you brother, wherever you are out there. I love you so much and I’m so very sorry for everything.


M and K