You think I’m afraid of you?

“The fight is all we know”.

  This song goes out to anyone in recovery that has cried too many time to count.  We understand how you feel. How many fires must we walk out of? How many mistakes are we going to make in recovery? No matter how hard it gets for you lovely,

We heard this song for a military movie that we instantly began to encode – we felt, for the first time, the raw emotion that runs apparently, right behind our encoding. It feels amazing to actually feel and understand the encoding as it happens. All of this is making sense.

Wow. Insta tears. Lots and lots of insta tears but good/painful ones. Here’s the song from the trailer and the trailer is below that!

  This trailer, instantly means everything to us right now (For very special reasons) and we have to share happiness – send it back out into the ether. By the way, this new echo has nothing to do with the military theme. We aren’t endorsing war, we hate it and everything about it.

Thanks for stopping by and hanging with us today!

M and K


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