Movie Echo Decoded: Katy’s Recovery

Hello lovelies. Thank you so much for visiting our blog when your time could be spent elsewhere! Thanks from all of us! 😀 Gravity wasn’t a big movie for us so much as the contextual and allegorical story we wove or encoded into what we were seeing. In this case, this scene, which caused us a lot of grief, is Katy understanding she is in recovery.

KatyGravityRecovery.gif  This echo is all about Katy coming back down to earth, so to speak, in recovery. She’s preparing the process of facing reality, as frightening as it is, in wellness which is expressed as re-entering the “Atmosphere”, coming back into reality “Back to Earth”.

What makes this scene unique to us is that it is yet again encoded in three, again. She’s frightened, she has no idea what buttons to push, what to do.- she is along for the bumpy, scary ride. The fragments that are falling with her are both Mike and Mark (3) but also her persona fragmentations as well. Also, note, all the extra debris burns off and there are only 3 fragments in the end of this echo.

We are all coming back from a nightmare induced dream of mental illness – Just trying to hang on for dear life, through yet another consistent theme: Fire.

What’s also interesting is that in this case, she’s alone. Singular. This theme has been popping up more and more as our recovery continues. So there you are, another echo decoded! 😀

M and K