Its time to share this echo with the world.

We wanted to share this privately. That time has come and gone. It’s time to share with all of you lovely readers what Katy is beginning to understand. That we were drowned like animals, turned into guinea pigs and tortured.. She saw and was informed of Mike’s torture and death, she didn’t think he made it. Katy is inconsolable, just as she is now.  (Updated)


The quick decode is that Katy is being comforted by her various persona fragments after being told of our deaths. No one cried for our deaths then. All Katy has is her personas fragments to comfort her. Even the huntress, cries (“How could they, you were beautiful!?!?”) for and with Katy. Note again, the same target triggers.

This one tears our hearts out as it has, even today. This one has been waiting almost 3 decades to be shared. This one didn’t make complete sense for a while- we are shaking. Let’s just sit with it for a while.

M and K
PS: When we write on the fly, sometimes we will update our writing as we go. We try our best not to be a part of that bad habit. Rougher when your emotional.