Mike, sober, delivers the news to Katy.

Tonight has been really tough. Katy is now dominant and stuck in echo mode  (<< mode ). It took a few hours of crying, cutting and pasting to get this video to work, properly. Tonight, we made a break through. This is the suffering that Katy is trying to eliminate. Being empaths, we know, that something or someone, Katy is searching for in the fog – To share and unload this ungodly suffering she lives with, as expressed below.

This is Mike, sober, recovered and back in the game, delivering the news of what happened to the older version of Katy. Note all the other women standing around “Betty”. Katy’s persona fragmentations, knowing bad news is coming. (Adoption records as well?) Note also, the woman running out of the room. All of Katy’s persona’s are comforting her.

We are Autistic, so to understand this scene you must emotionally/visually study like we do. Look at the torment on this woman’s face. Study her grimace, her cries, her pleas. Study her eyes, the way she looks towards her friends. Her repulsion to the letter she is grasping onto – All that’s left of Mike. Study this over and over again, as long you can stand it. Study, feel, study, feel.

This is what Katy, who is fighting for dominance (Awoken/possession) is experiencing, not to mention her recent losses in the last few months.

Pure, unadulterated, awful agony. This is what Katy is holding onto and been holding onto for decades and all anyone can do is watch her fall apart. This echo has been waiting 3 decades to be put together. We want to you to share with Katy, how she feels.

Hang on Katy, we love you.