The infamous Armageddon shuttle crash scene, finally decoded.

Hello lovelies. Some people in our lives think we are scared of the future. We aren’t scared. We are horribly sad, not scared.

We never understood WHY we watched the same movie scenes, millions of times, over and over again but seemingly to us, for no reason. There was only one time in our lives when we asked the question “Why are we doing this?”.

This movie scene gave us trouble for almost 3 decades, stuck in repeat, not understanding that someone else (Mark or Katy) was trying to tell me and those close to us something. A story, a message, an allegorical statement about life. This movie, just like all the rest of them are encoded in 3.

I was dating a woman and of course, as always, I/we screwed that up too. We were far too sick to understand what was happening as we were being treated with pills and treated for bipolar. She called us one day and we broke down. We were watching the scene above. The breakup already occurred. This was the scene we were using to express the feeling of being out of control.

We remember sobbing on the phone and asking this particular person “Why are we doing this?”. I remember her answer “Do you want to get help for it?”. I/we didn’t know what to say. We just cried and cried, stuck on <<. We never saw her, again, either.

Two decades later we can finally share what this echo is all about. It’s about being out of control, both Mark and Mike, represented as space shuttles. Katy, powerless to stop the ensuing violence, destruction and sadness can do nothing but sit and listen. Mike and Mark’s persona fragments are passengers in both shuttles.

This is also a moment of trauma (MOT) echo, as well. Mark, as a expressed as Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) thinks he saw us die. He did, he just didn’t know if Mike (Ben Affleck), survived. All anyone can do is sit back and watch the horror.

It’s the violence of the scene, the sounds of the scene and the tempo of the scene itself is what is so terrifying and what made it an trauma echo for so long. Sending it to others and sharing it with others simply meant that deep down, we felt out of control, threatened and frightened. However, it didn’t make a lick of sense, for decades. Now it does.

There are multiple parts of this movie that we echo, to this day. Just as with every one of Katy’s persona fragments, Liv Tyler fits all the target trigger parameters for a possession (dominant split). We have spoken like her, nodded her head like her, everything. This also includes echoing Bruce Willis and every character, plus the pilots. We have studied and acted out this entire movie, for most of our lives.

We learned early on in our developmental years that being who we were got us tortured and killed. We couldn’t be ourselves, we had to be someone else, anyone else but us. Of course, the trauma was so awful, the only real way we can express it comfortably is through movie scenes and acts that mimic that trauma.

So there you have it! Finally decoded! We feel so nice to be able to finally share it with the world. Send that energy out into the ether.

Again, we thank you so much for spending your time on our blog when it could be spent elsewhere. We hope you have a very, very lovely Sunday!

M and K