Local News: Was it a twister? (Our Damage video)

Hello lovelies, we are grinding on, through the really sad parts today. Our local news asked the question, was the twister that hit our house a twister? As it so happens, Helen Hunt as “Joe” from “Twister” instantly became a persona fragment for Katy as this was after our kidnapping had happened.

KayleighmissKaty describing the monster(s) that came after her.
Note this is a water scene, which could indicate our drowning/Moment(s) of water trauma.

We studied meteorology for years. We chased storms and twisters all over the midwest. We became Joe from Twister, along with all the other characters in the movie.

We can categorically say that we saw a twister hit our house. We knew the moment we saw and heard the storm, that it was a tornado. We have witnessed them up close, too many times. We ended up hiding in the bathtub as we are on a second floor. Very exciting and very fun, indeed. Like being back home. This looked, sounded and felt like an F1.


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