The Survivalist (short story) and some tunes.

So, my lovelies, what a CRAZY 24 hours, wow. Emotional roller coaster. We have an idea. We might very well start another short story series (Goes back to adoption). A Vision: The Survivalist. We will use Mark and Katy as the roles. Katy asks Mark to head into a major city and rescue someone during the “Austerity Riots”. We wrote a short intro, just to try and get a feel for something. You can find it here. We don’t know if we want a 3rd or 2nd perspective. Meh, we will kick it around.

Perhaps merging Mark and Katy (Mixed fictional), for the time being would be a good distraction for an hour or so.  We hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. How’s about some tunes out there for all the lovely souls who are holding onto their lucky charms. (Lyrics) .(Sorry, had to do it, Radio Announcer Personality Fragment)

PS: We are overhauling the blog and we are gonna have some major dust, sorry in advance for any glitches!



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