Ned Ryerson: When alters attack

Hello lovelies! 😀 For all of the gloom, there are a lot of funny moments in recovery when you look back. For all the sadness you see here, there is another side of us you don’t see often, which is the funny side. We love to make people laugh, hearing other’s laugh, is an empathic recharge for us.  For those of you who know us, you know what we are talking about. 😀


So Ned Ryerson, of course, is the nerdy version of Mike, that’s all. The movie, “Groundhog Day” was a huge movie for us. We watched it millions of times, religiously for decades, for seemingly, no reason. While hilarious, there is a message we were trying to tell others.

This movie, was one of the movies that we studied. We became these characters, even down to ordering the same drinks as the characters in the movie. Coffee, Coke, Water. This was one of the movies that saved our lives when we were children. Our ability to turn into other people, other characters is what kept us alive, and if you can believe it, this coping mechanism kept other’s safe.

People that have seen me echo this scene for them say, it’s “startling” to hear how we sound like these characters. So let’s set the hilarious scene, shall we?

Phil is stuck living the same day over and over again. We won’t spoil the rest of it. He meets a crazy character named “Ned Ryerson”. Ned Ryerson knew Phil in high school. Ned Ryerson is a nerd, likes numbers and the actuarial tables. Ned Ryerson is a very good measuring stick of the nerdy version of Mike that’s not great with people even though he tries to be.

   We have echoed this scene for ourselves and other’s for so long, we didn’t realize the message of the internal battle we were trying to inform others of.

Mark, doesn’t really like the nerdy, fumbling version of Mike all that much and wants to stay as far away as possible. Mark will listen as best he can but eventually, Mike finally drives him to violence. That is a good way to describe the moments of open conflict that alters (Mark and Katy) partake in.

They can sabotage – they can be in open rebellion against Mike or eachother or all three. They can sabotage personal and professional relationships both for good and wrong reasons – but Mike/Mark’s/Katy’s reactions can be overamplified (Autsim/PTSD).  This is particularly true, it seems in our case, when Mark or Katy is dominant. This has led to and can lead to fugues (dominant possession) and they are never fun.

Until you are aware they are there, you are in a self induced nightmare – imagination run wild. And just as any other echo, sad, funny or ambiguous, there is always a message we are trying to send others.

This is another movie that’s encoded in three.

We highly recommend “Groundhog Day”. It’s a really wonderful movie. We don’t really like the social conditioning – The idea that a person has to fundamentally change who they are to appease the target of their affection – That’s not love, that’s manipulation. If you can set that side apart, this movie is a blast and you should watch it! Like, yesterday!

KatySpunUpKaty battling for dominant control, fascinated by the world she sees,
in which no one can see her.