When alters attack!: Katy’s not afraid of us. (LOL)

Hello lovelies! Thanks for stopping by our blog. As promised, as we reach new conclusions in recovery, we want to share them with all of you. Like we have written before, there’s a lot of doom and gloom here but that’s life. The Mike side that loves laughing and has a passion and a drive to make others smile comes out all the time.


Usually it comes in the form of echoing (Acting the scene, or dialogue fragments). As an intimate form of communication, every echo, every character, every persona fragment and every word means something and has a meaning. Another hilarious echo that we just today put together – Katy isn’t afraid of Mike the jokester.

Which in itself is hilarious. Just as Mike/Mark have their moments of “I’m the toughest dude on the Earth”, Katy isn’t afraid of the chest puffing and has no problem kicking us in the teeth (and anyone else, too – metaphorically). I remember echoing this for hours, month after month with loved ones, we are sure, driving them batshit, too. We are sorry to all of you out there…you know who are.   😦 + (:

Of course, we are right back to the number 3 again. Not to mention that, but again, this woman has the exact same target triggers that Katy used, for decades to self identify  (persona fragmentation/Possession(s)).

  1. Hair split right down the center
  2. Long hair
  3. Baby Face
  4. Small framed, athletic body
  5. Expressionless Demeanor/face

This of course seems to be a constant. All the way back when the trauma began, Katy began encoding herself into popular media:


Katy and Mark, both their moment of meeting and moment of trauma.

M and K


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