A Vision: The Survivalist |Primer w/photos|

Hello lovelies! So today we are going to start writing another section of our short story “A vision The Survivalist. To get ramped up and into the survival mood, we thought showing our readers an actual survival tactic would be a cool change from the norm. We were a survival instructor for years and taught all over the country.

In the field or during a lights out (especially in the summer) you may have an insect problem. Ticks, mosquitoes,  spiders and other creepy crawlies can become a problem. In the case of ticks and moquitoes, deadly virus can be transmitted to you. Insects can end your life. With a simple soda can, you can help keep insects at bay. This is also helpful if you have constructed a shelter and want to smoke it out.

All you need is the following:

  1. 1 coke can
  2. Wood chips or shavings (cedar, pine, ect)
  3. Fire source (Camping Equipment is the best)

Soft/Hardwood mix ground into powder/shavings.

Every survivalist out there should be carrying a small ziplock full of wood shavings/sawdust or wood powder. Why? A few reasons. Dry wood dust is an excellent fire starter and wood shavings/dust can be used to soak up blood, vomit and other body fluids, just in case of illness or injury in camp. If you don’t any tinder, simply find a dry, soft wood stick and start whittling!

To create this smoker all you need is a can
and some wood shavings. Simply cut a small square in the bottom of your can (Down to the lower lip).


Push square you have cut into the can all the way down until it hits the bottom of the coke can. This will be the receiver tray for your wood shavings. Work the metal a bit until you have a small depression on the surface of the receiver tray.


Once your receiver tray is constructed, take a can opener or other device and cut the top of the can off. This will be the exhaust vent.


Next, place your can onto of a pocket rocket or similar camp cooking device and fire up the propane. Start with the lowest amount of heat possible. If your using a softwood, it wont take much heat at all to get it smoking (Charred).


Eventually, heavy, thick smoke from the charred wood in your coke can will begin to escape the exhaust hole. It’s just that simple. Place this device in the middle of camp, deck or enclosure for a great anti-insect effect. This is a good system if you can’t or don’t want to build a full fire. You can also (with caution) smoke out a enclosure you have built in the field with this setup.

Careful, however. Charred wood can burst into flames very easily.  Try not to overload your receiver tray with too much wood. Try this at home or in the field a few times to perfect your design. In windy conditions, sidewrap your fire source so it’s energy isn’t blown away on a windy day.

  During an emergency, create very smoky fires. Grey smoke stands out best against a forest or forest canopy, while black smoke is easily recognizable in Arctic/snow conditions.

This is also a great device for smoking your hair, clothes and camping gear and keeping insects at bay – even if it’s just for a weekend getaway or a nice evening on the porch.

M and K


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