Quick, late night blog updates, some tunes for the night owls.

Hello our lovelies, late night writing. Today has been an up and down day…Saying goodbyes suck and suck some more – this one stings, bad. God recovery can suck. We hope your day was lovely and nice 😀 Thank you guys for all the follows and likes. It really makes us feel nice and humbled other’s read our silly scribblings.

Our dead phone has the photos for the intro to “A vision: The Survivalist”. Once we locate the phone, baddabing we will start writing. Honestly, all of us, Elizabeth included, loves the idea of expanding on these “Animated poems” idea. Gonna develop that we think – maybe someone will find it useful. (Shrugs)

Here are some tunes for all you late night cats out there (Sorry, had to do it).

We still think, creative writing has always been an anchor and perhaps now is time to pull out the big writing guns for the next few months – get us through this hump. More art, perhaps. We shall see. We are still heavily updating this blog, please excuse the dusty glitches. Nighty night everyone!

M/M and E/K