No one is POWERLESS against drinking.

Hello lovelies. Happy Friday – You made it!!!!! to our lovely readers on the internets. We are happy today because we confirmed the presence of another alter, Elizabeth. Also, we are approaching our 4 year sober date! 😀 This is a big thing for us, as we thought we would end up dead with a bottle in our hand – we didn’t think we could stay sober this long.

One thing that we never could stand about AA. Ok, two things. 1, AA, statistically speaking isn’t an effective program, as most that attempt AA’s program end up falling off the wagon. 2, AA is monotheistic dogma preying upon those that are at their rock bottom. Or so they think they have hit rock bottom. You don’t have the heart to tell them – there is no bottom. They will fall further.  Powerless? Meh.

One of the tenets in AA is the idea that those that walk through the doors of AA have to admit to themselves and everyone else, that, they, are POWERLESS against alcohol. We think, in our humble, 1 penny opinions that this simply allows for an acceptable amount of self victimization. Victims never have to take full responsibility for their actions because, well, they are victims.

As a recovering drunk, we can tell you, drunks can blame drinking on the sunrise or the sunset. “What!?!? It’s raining!?!? Let’s get to drinkin, baby!” To consider the idea that since you are POWERLESS against booze to us screams “excuses”! I’m powerless remember, it’s not me, it’s the powerlessness, I’m the victim here!

We say, if you pick up your keys, drive to the liquor store, give your number to the cute attendant, drive home, pop open the top and end up passing out on the couch, you aren’t powerless against the drink – You’re an enabler.

It’s scummy, we think to take people that are so sick they can’t hold jobs, the courts forced them to be there (Which should be illegal – Religion) or at their bottoms, searching for help to fight the battle. My sponsor, Tom, didn’t think we were going to live for a week, let alone get to the dreaded 4th when we stumbled in through the door.

To prey upon those that think they are helpless and to promote that helplessness seems like an awfully underhanded thing to do to a person- To make those luckless souls cling onto an invisible God after all the bullshit is said and done.

Lie to a person by saying early on in sobriety “Well, anything can be God, a spoon, whatever” and then say a few months later, well your spoon God wasn’t the right God. That’s just plain lying and violates the FUNDAMENTAL tenets in AA is rigid honesty in all things. Drunks are liars and so is everyone else. Don’t lie to others and order them not to lie. Shady, man, shady.

To extend that victimization, however and hold those that aren’t drunks in some category of higher moral status feels – underhanded. Everyone, in today’s day and age is addicted to something (Just imagine what happens behind closed doors). To place the entire rest of society outside of the moral grasp of the powerless drunk seems more of an isolation tactic to keep those in the program isolated to the program.

We say, the next time someone with a Big Book gets in your face claiming that you are a powerless drunk, consider the idea that no one is powerless. “If I’m powerless against alcohol, why am I not DRUNK RIGHT NOW!?!?!”

If you’re a drunk, like we’re a drunk you and we both know that you are making the choice to pick up – for whatever the reason. No judgement from us, we know how hard it is.

Personally, if you do pick up after sobriety, fuck AA. You slipped up. Get back up. Put down the booze and try again. You’re not powerless, you missed something. Go back and try it again. Or continue using.

You’re not powerless. We believe in you.

Thank you for stopping by our blog when your time could be spent elsewhere – It helps all of us too, much more than you might think, each and every one of you!

M/M and E/K



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