A Vision: The Survivalist (Prologue)

Everyone, believed the economy of the United States was on the mend. It had 8 years to mend. “Conspiracy Theorists” constantly chattered about derivative bubbles, debt to GDP ratios and crypto-currencies but that chatter had to be suppressed through popular media. The stock market, the media furiously touted, was in repair and there was going to be a chicken in every pot, a cell phone in every pocket and “free” college tuition for every child in America.

It was the United States Congress that couldn’t come to an agreement of raising the country’s debt ceiling. The United States was bankrupt. It’s debt to GDP ratio was a staggering 105 percent. A banana republic swirling in worthless, paper bills without the food to feed it’s terrified citizens.

The Republicans held both the Congress and Presidency at the time of the collapse – at a time when the country felt lawless.  Ever tightening government system milked it’s constituents of wallet, mind and body.

Undercurrents of rage and suppressed anger of those who felt as though the Government failed them, swirled, right below the collective surface . The country was falling into chaos and everyone could feel the storm approaching. The humidity one feels in the skin, right before the skies turn angry. The United States,  tightened it’s grip on firearm ownership asymmetrically through medical and psychological loopholes stripped most, of their weapons.

Those that held onto their weapons either illegally or through costly and time consuming legal reviews in the court system – Were considered terrorists because of their fanaticism. They were just crazy enough to believe the Government could become tyranical – which to the observer, would appear as a mental illness. Crazy talk.

The major news outlets in the country, now state controlled, at the time, had no reservation to tie the words “gun owners” and “Mentally Ill” together. Those that did manage to keep their guns were stripped of their right to own more than 100 rounds of any type of ammunition at any one time.

All precious metals in the country were seized by the United States Government. Federal officers, clad in body armor, toting AR15’s and flashbangs went door to door, seizing precious metals. Gold and Silver was the target of the U.S. Government. That’s not all they were seizing, however.

Apathy, pure and unadulterated, allowed the deep state to pass law after law, in the dark on Friday nights. Those laws were designed for just this crisis. Not only were all precious metals seized but food and medical supplies, were seized as well. When the President (Who was facing impeachment charges), declared Martial Law, he was granted the right to take all materials, including food and medical supplies as property of the United States Government.

Those who stored food, in hopes of waving off starvation for a few months, those awake enough to understand what was happening, were doomed. The Government claimed, it legally needed all supplies that are deemed essential for the basic functioning of the Government and it’s officers. This includes the most basic of supplies; food and medical supplies. Families who worked hard to scrimp by and save what they could in their pantries were targeted and raided by Federal officers.

What many didn’t know was that the Government knew where every single can of food in the country was. Anything purchased with a plastic card with a credit card was tracked. The Government, before the economic crisis, began forcing it’s citizens to accept digital money transfers and using bank cards to pay for goods and services.

The paper bill was still accepted at some small retailers but frowned upon most anywhere else. In this way, the Government knew, down to the can, who was hoarding food – Smart enough to see past the propaganda, wanting to protect their families. Terrorists.

As part of the indoctrination to this new reality in the country, night after warm night, streamed footage from “Officer Cams” on national news, of which was now State Property, under Martial Law. Of course, these exaggerated, made for T.V. raids were all state productions.

Hundreds of millions of people watched in perverse fear on TV’s, cell phones and laptops as armored officers broke down doors, slamming innocent people, guilty of nothing more than stocking food and water, to the floor. On occasion, people would be “Murdered” in these staged Federal raids, invoking fear and compliance for the moment they actually began seizing contraband, under Executive Order.

The Austerity Riots were only fueled by the hunger ravaging the country. Large, metropolitan city’s became stifling, concrete tombs. Lines of credit froze and the hungry masses were turned away at the grocer’s storefront, sometimes at gunpoint. There was no more food or supplies being delivered, countrywide.

People began to realize their reality was changing, right in front of their eyes. They were on their own and many, with hungry, young mouths to feed. What were they to do for their children? The starvation in the larger U.S. cities became extreme and those starving became extreme to quell it.

Gangs of men and women, violently tore into building after building, murdering anyone in their way. Those that chose their morals on a full stomach learned the hard way that food trumps morals. Thousands and thousands died fighting off crazy, hungry people, fighting like animals, over a can of soup – perhaps a a box of cereal. Entire families were murdered where they cowered, seemingly by mad men in search of sustenance in an already empty home.

Fights broke out after neighbors hunted each other’s household pets; Feeding the family cat to a hungry and traumatized child, became the horrible norm. The children suffered the most as it was their parents that failed to prepare them for the times they are now starving in.

The problem only compounded itself when those on psychotropic medications could no longer simply order refilled pills from the local drugstore. When the riots began, all drug stores and hospitals were looted for their pills, medical supplies and expensive equipment. Many suffered horrible withdrawal symptoms, inducing psychosis.

Anyone, who was declared ‘mentally ill” also qualified as a “Terrorist” by legal and state definition. Many crimes against the mentally ill occurred during the riots both by federal officials and civilians alike.

As these riots intensified, the Government became more and more draconian in their application of force against it’s hungry and terrified citizens. Through climate modification, SRM (Solar Radiation Management) aircraft turned the summer into winter, forcing everyone indoors, including those rioting and searching in vain for food, under 10 feet of snow. Hundreds of thousands of people died in this new, climate induced warfare model (CIWM).

The military’s stance on rioting cities was shockingly simple – Allow large metropolitan cities to tear themselves apart. Why waste the time, effort and worthless money trying ton control starving beasts? Let them eat each other.

The military set up fortifications around all, large metropolitan cities in the United States, patrolling the ad hoc borders day and night from the ground and the air. People knew they were approaching the military border by the dreary and unsettling hum of drones circling above.

Anyone could enter the cities but they weren’t allowed to travel back out of them – A suicide mission, if family wanted to be reunited inside of a chaotic, burning city littered and stinking of the dead. Anyone attempting to leave these cities were simply gunned down, used as target practice by Federal snipers or drones, recording the chaos unfolding below.

The spotty clashes at these ad hoc borders were usually quick and extremely violent. No one as allowed to approach this border and are required stay at least 600 feet away from it at all times. 600 feet was yet another subtle ploy. Accidentally stumbling 1 foot forward means that you’re in violation of the law. You’re a criminal and now, a terrorist.

You are now subject to arrest, fines and imprisonment after being convicted of a Federal M1 charge as you are 599 feet away from the border. This of course was on paper. In the field, justice was carried out with steel cored sentences – Training, none the less, for future conflicts in some distant, dusty land.

The Government’s stance on terrorism was also simple. The Republican modified definition(s) of “terrorist” was so broad, anyone holding a sign that promoted political opposition of the leading party, was by legal definition, a “terrorist”. Terrorism, in the United States during the financial collapse was a cottage industry for the multitude of private military contractors (PIC’s), snagging what was left of the worthless, US dollar.

These companies are paramilitary special operations soldiers that carried extraction of the Government’s wanted and growing list of homegrown terrorists. Flat earthers, chemtrail nuts, Kennedy assassination crazies, a housewife and her friends attending a Democratic function. Almost everyone, in the United States during the Austerity riots, became legal “Terrorists”.

Black MD-500 helicopters would ferry in special operations soldiers in the still of the night, all night long extracting terrorist targets from large, isolated cities. On one particular mission, MD-500’s illegally strafed rioters and looters alike – The government publicly condemned the airstrikes, vowing to bring the pilots to justice. An olive branch of sorts, to appease the rioters.

Behind closed doors, the National medals flouted on television, as awards to the fallen and the “Never Forget” shirts, were simply thrown away, usually following quiet, muffled laughs as the last television spotlight had been extinguished.

The United States, embroiled in a currency crisis, starving and rioting citizens, was on the brink of complete social collapse. Basic functions of the social system came to a grinding halt. The suffering in the cities became unbearable and many committed suicide, any way they could.

Many distraught and displaced, hungry, lept from destroyed and empty skyscrapers, landing on the bloated and broken bodies of the person that jumped before. Everyone suffered and everyone lost loved ones. No one escaped the wrath of the economic collapse and no one was immune to the inconsolable sadness that it reaped.

It was the missile, the devastating, invisible explosion at 8:45 AM (EST) and reported as such, that brought the United States to it’s knees and started World War Three. Everyone spoke of the weapon, knew the power of them. Many Americans, through popular media were well acquainted with the weapon that was reported to have gone off.

No one in the United States was ready for what happened next.



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