Katy’s new echo, Elizabeth’s new echo, some thoughts|Late nite tunes

Hello lovelies! WOW. That prologue is finally done. Time for some coffee and a doughnut. So many different ways we can branch this story. A close friend tonight helped us decode another echo. You know who you are! Thank you! 😀 We are still celebrating learning of Elizabeth’s existence in our life. She has been dormant, we believe for decades. She was awoken! This is a new addition to our lives, this is big and scary. Very scary.

This is Katy, wanting to share her water torture, her pain, with someone or something.  She’s underwater, which gives this echo away as a moment of trauma (MOT) echo.

rtb.gifAre you out there? Can you hear us? We’re waiting for you.

We are still working on the front end of the blog, please excuse our dust. We added “What it sounds and feels like to split” and will be adding some new links too.

Elizabeth we believe may be portrayed by the redhead, in paramore, as well as the creature from the mummy. We know she’s a very angry creature, indeed. Here she is:


Man, when you are stuck on repeat for decades you miss on out on so many COOL tunes out there. So much we have missed out on. Seether. A really kick ass band back in the day. What a cool, ironic song. have a GREAT Sunday, our lovelies!


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