“There was no system core…” Terminator 3 Echo decoded.

Hello lovelies! We hope your Wednesday is going well! The sun is actually shining. It’s been raining for a week. Bleck. So this one, Terminator 3, this one gave us tons and tons of trouble until the correct filters were applied.

Now, it makes perfect sense and we can finally put this one away and never watch it again. Unless of course, someone needs to express war and conflict, which is what  our recovery has been. This clip from from the movie “Terminator 3”.

This echo kept us and loved ones up late, late, late into the night. We saw this scene years and years before we actually needed it to express something. Conflict. The gold is in the monologue. So what does this echo mean?

Katy and Mike/Mark with the help of WOPR/TARS (Supercomputer Alter/Frag) came to a few very large revelations. Everyone is in shock, banged up. When our recovery began (“By the time Skynet became self aware”) we all realized that we aren’t one person and will never be one person (“There was no system core”). Once our recovery began, we knew it was going to turn into a landslide (“It could not be shut down”).


When we did become self aware of the problem we were having, our recovery started – The war for wellness began “Judgement day”. “It was never our our destiny to stop judgement day, but to survive it”. Surviving recovery can be extremely difficult – That’s our message in that line.


So there you have it our lovelies. This echo is all about coming into recovery,  becoming self aware of our multiplicity and understanding there is a massive war for wellness going on and trying to survive it the process.

This one only took 4 years! Another echo decoded! 😀



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