Awful flashbacks. Late nite chit chat.

Hello lovelies! 😀 The one thing we are all starting to experience are flashbacks. What we never realized are how frightening these things really are. 

There is one flashback that’s been happening more and more. What’s weird about this memory/flashback is that it just isn’t in our minds. It’s in our bodies. This flashback is of us in a bed in our adoptive home. A tree. Very early in the evening. But it’s as if we were transported back to that moment in time. We feel as if we are there again – it’s in the top layer of our skin – almost a cold sensation. A faded, watercolor memory. It evokes a bit of fear but something else, we can’t place it yet.

It’s the scariest thing we have experienced yet, as a collective. We have these moments where we are transported back, running up a hill to our house. In the leaves. The bite in the air. Like we are there again sitting on the couch. It’s very scary – it’s as if we never grew up.

Your entire mind and body take on the part of the flashback, and you are a frightened child again as an observer. Gives us all the creeps. They are very “unsettling”. They are happening more and more.

This includes the water trauma. We can hear soap bottles in the tub bouncing up against the metal tub. Frightening. So now, we are kinda like this:






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