Camouflage and nail polish.

Hello lovelies! We hope everyone is having a lovely and wonderful Friday! Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀 We are survivin’ better than we thought we were going to, given our physical condition, Elizabeth’s awakening, a few splits and all the nuttiness (Near chaos) going on.

So, we thought to ourselves last night, what the heck are we gonna write about on a Friday afternoon? Nothing better than camo and paint!

Growing up in the midwest in the 80’s, being of mixed race ourselves, was extremely complicated. The general rule of thumb for young men was cars, sports, women, money and more women – that or get married. That’s it. There wasn’t the same kind outlets that we have today. Lots and lots of gender bias. It truly can be a regional thing, as we found out the hard way.

By the way, we took a slug of Mountain Dew today after having it for about 6 months. Holy CRAP is that stuff sweet. Eeesh. We drank this stuff like water for decades. How awful. LOL!


It’s really odd. We don’t know exactly how to describe applying finger nail polish on our male hands. An odd feeling of being extremely comfortable washes over us with every stroke.

Even as our nails transformed and changed their colors, there was still a voice saying “Oh my God, your nails are pink”. It’s the weirdest feeling and it’s so frickin’ hard to describe. As if some part of you always knew you wanted to play with pretty female things but the half of you is saying, “nahhhh”. Of course, we understand that this is all just social taboo and conditioning but still a large hump to jump over.

Applying female traits seems to be a dominant action and the last time Katy/Elizabeth emerged, this was the case. Elizabeth now has an email address/blog page and she is addressing others in interesting ways. Very interesting ways – We believe another sign that she has materialized, awoken and wants to exist. How she wants to exist here, we still aren’t completely sure.  Package deal, we are. 😀

It’s the exact same, invisible alpha/beta/female battle that we have been fighting our entire lives, without even knowing it. Or that’s to say, we weren’t aware of the female alter’s dominant presence in our lives nor did we see the external conflict, either.

It’s really odd, we have been told, to been seen walking out of the field, bearded and loaded in gear with Chihuahua’s following behind you. It makes very little sense until you apply Katy and Elizabeth.

We are still battling the overwhelming sense of loneliness right now. Everything seems de-realized which makes us wonder who’s dominant. Derealization isn’t fun either, it’s the oddest feeling one can have. You’re in your body but your not in your body. Again, a shift to the left and up just a tad. Like your entire visual experience is off by a frame or two. Best way we can describe it.

Your brain feels inflated and fuzzy. Ack. You’re keenly aware of your surroundings but in a haze – Everything is extremely loud and loud noises don’t feel really nice when you are derealized. Also, you get very, very jumpy. The oddest feeling in the world, trust us.

We are gonna try cranking out some poetry and getting some more gifs on the blog tonight, as well.

Have a lovely Friday night, our lovelies!