Used stuff: The Empath’s “Yuck”.

Hello lovelies! The flashbacks won’t stop they are getting worse. Another one today. Cool wind – taken back to a younger time. Happiness and Fear at the same time.  😐 Mark/Mike, someone tried revolting last night. Almost like looking at that bottle of Firewater hearing the voice say “You wanna drink that”. It was the same thing with our hair. We all felt the pull to shave it off, which is an immediate departure from the norm for us. A complete and immediate shift. Mark. Almost a sense of frustration, anger.

Katy or Elizabeth or both, if not more, female alters are beginning the process of peeking their heads out, again. A dominant split has happened – Kind of like this:


.  How’s about some music for the read?

 As children, we were always called “Spoiled Brats”. That’s not the correct term. There’s another term used for silencing children with “things”.

When we were children, we always had a serious problem touching other people’s things, property, whatever. We always felt really odd about it. We always associated it with what we were called, “Stupid”.

The common assumption was that if someone bought us something “used”, and we rejected it, it was because of being spoiled. Without exception, I think we always somehow knew something was up, we just weren’t ready to talk/explain/investigate it.

Someone recently bought us a beautiful, wonderful, amazingly nice gift. We are humbled by what it represents and the thought behind it. Problem is, it’s someone else’s. We never, as children couldn’t put the problem together because we simply didn’t understand the world in which we lived and even if we did, we had no one to share it with.

We believe that people leave their life energy, their quantum material, quantum data and color all over whatever they touch. Something that someone else has used has their energy all over it and we just don’t like having that energy permeating something we are touching and interacting with. It creates nothing but static and discomfort for us.

We always thought the immediate horrible about ourselves that we were just spoiled brats. That wasn’t the case and never will be. In fact, we really don’t like it when people ask us what we want as gifts. – we always say the same thing, we don’t need anything nor really deserve anything.

This gift we received had all kinds of dark, bad energies coming off of it. We don’t know and we don’t want any part of whatever it is. Some used things we can handle but most, we can’t. Used things always bugged the living shit out of us. We want our energy and only our energies running through whatever it is we are handling. Does this happen to you?

This is especially true with things that are given to us, or we give to someone else. A rock, an arrow head, a pencil, a stick, whatever. We love having these things close to us, if given by a friend or loved one. Their energies burst through and we love having things from others close to us. The quantum world is a wild one and explains a lot for us Empaths.


I think actually, we might have bumped into someone that’s an empath that doesn’t realize they are an empath. We sent them a message and said “Hey, we think you’re an emapth!”. Let’s hope they pursue it!

MM and EK