Felt arrow rest must go. (Happy Monday!)

Hello lovelies! 😀 Thanks for stopping by our blog today – It means a lot! We feel a bit less lonely. We hope your day is going well. So, we decided to slap a felt arrow rest on our recurve bow (Which still needs to be painted). and we gotta say, Meh. We didn’t think we were gonna dig it.



NSFW warning!

There are a few survivalist persona fragmentations that Katy, Elizabeth, Mark and Mike use to communicate with others and exist – They have been doing this for decades, unbeknownst to Mike (And potentially, each other).


Katy, standing her ground against Mike/Mark, the echo itself, encoded in 3. This was before Elizabeth made herself know to the world. Alters can reawaken from being dormant or they can simply be “Hiding”.

 It’s interesting that Katy and Elizabeth can draw from a deep well of survivalist/shooting experience, which only makes their existence that much more quantifiable and “real” in the sense of the word. They can very easily become these characters because of the knowledge that they posses.

Katybow2.gif3 again!

  We know more about Elizabeth, already, as she is going a lot of talking. She’s revealing more information about herself, her thoughts, needs and wishes. Consider Elizabeth the other half of Katy. Elizabeth, it seems to be the militaristic one, however, Katy can still choose to be armed to the teeth (Which, as an echo component, is important) if she needs to be.

  Elizabeth, is a redhead! She apparently likes strawberry flavored things. We aren’t sure if we are ready to class her as a protector of all of us, perhaps, just Katy. We don’t yet.

  KayleighplaneKaty protecting Mike/Mark. The single shot,  marksman theme was developed (Or appeared) shortly after our kidnapping. This echo signifies to an echo target that Katy or Elizabeth is currently protecting someone.

We hope everyone has a lovely, lovely Monday evening. Thank you again from all of us for taking time out of your life to spend it here with us.

  Stay lovely!
E    K