New Echo Decoded!!! (Elizabeth)

Hello lovelies! 😀 Thank you for taking time of your day to visit us! 😀 So, we are getting quicker at understanding these echos we create. Some of them, we don’t even really understand why we create them, until we sit back, look and really think from 3 different perspectives what something means. This is something we are still learning to do.

It becomes even more difficult when someone else is dominant and has no idea what the heck they are looking at nor do they really care – They have other goals and needs. Living with DiD can be a nightmare.

Note, Elizabeth’s (Hayley Williams) dress is blue, Mike’s Executive color, along
with the small lights.

This animated poem (Echo) is all about Elizabeth. This is Elizabeth materializing after a split and becoming dominant. She is the center of attention (which she loves), in the light while is she is in control.

Then, just as quickly as she appeared and became dominant, we split and she turns into a green dot (Her Executive Color) that disappears into the ether with the rest of our alters/persona fragments. Note, also, Elizabeth hears something and reacts to it before she disappears.


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