AHHH This is a recovery echo! :D

Hello lovelies! Thank you for stopping by our blog today! We hope your Friday is going well and your weekend is packed with fun! 😀 You made it through the week! 😀 There was a movie scene we saw as a child that didn’t make a lick of sense but it made us very, very sad. Sad being the operative word. Sad because we weren’t being built (or rebuilt) – That was to come decades later but we had no idea why it made/makes us feel so terribly sad.

Makes total sense now, decades later.

  AHA! See, we are getting quicker at this. Our brains, thinking as 4 not one, knew we were going to need to see this and share it, as way of communication at some point. Now it makes sense.

This is an echo to help others understand what we are currently feeling about our recoveries, as a collective. This could either, we think be interpreted as being built, finally or being rebuilt. If you notice carefully, as this car is being built, people are smiling and enjoy building the race car.

One of the main characters is speaking to the car’s frame, explaining how beautifully the car will be built. This, we are sure is an alter or an alter choosing this persona fragment explaining to us, how we will be rebuilt.

We take this, collectively, as Mike/Mark and potentially other dudes (Unidentified Alters) rebuilding us, from the ground up – Torn down to the frame and reconstructed, stripped of even our paint.

To show this with others, share it with others is our visualization of what our recovery feels like. It’s like we are being torn completely down. It should also be noted that those that live with DiD can have machine alters which includes cars.

Well, that makes sense. Echo decoded! 😀 By the way, you guys have to to check out this song. It’s amazing. Another movie we had a terrible, terrible, terrible time with. “Vincent” is a confirmed persona fragmentation, if not an alter, himself. Anyways, we hope you love it as much as we do. Gets the blood pumping.

Happy Friday everyone!

Stay lovely!