Late night chit chat: Who’s up? :D

Hello lovelies. Long day here today, we hope your Friday morning is lovely and wonderful. If not,  we crammed this post with some motivational stuff and some music, too.

A fellow blogger of ours learned that the mental health system isn’t full of angel employees and cherry pie weekdays. Ouch. We are sending her some love! (It’s our journey, man!) As we understand, she might be getting some very exciting news about sponsorship. Congratulations!!! 😀 We don’t want to blurt out any named without permission, so, you know who you are! Exciting and well deserved!

Huge bombs have gone off over the last few weeks. We have discovered multiple, new alters, which is exciting, terrifying, awful, shameful and lovely. It’s been an absolutely awful and exhausting month. We have learned that Katy likes trees, Elizabeth enjoys strawberries and there’s another alter named “Kayleigh”. A few people have heard that name before. We think we know who she is.

We have our headphones cranked, as this is our way to recharge. Sound. Noise. Loud noise. Perfect recharge. Here’s the awesome song we are writing to:

Anyways. Holy shit! New alters everywhere. Wow, where to start. We are at the point where we dont know if we are losing our minds or finally beginning coming back into reality. For decades, we have been talking to ourselves, why we never really understood. We think it was more shame.

We had no clue, as a collective that all of these different voices, persona’s and fictional scenarios we act during a day are them, speaking, existing. Many times, I find myself answering questions I don’t actually hear.

I just answer a random question. It’s terrifying to know that through trauma, these voices were suppressed. It’s just all awfulness. We all hope whoever it is back there starts talking, soon. We all want to hear what this unamed alter has to say.

Kayleigh is a name that people in our lives have heard before. Here she is:

This scene has always been awful for us to watch. This movie drove us into the
abyss for years.We know NOW, this is Michael or Mark telling Kayleigh she was
happy once. Ugh, just awful.  This is a Moment of Realization Echo (MOR).

Hello Kayleigh.

Interesting thing about Kayleigh. In the “Butterfly Effect” Kayleigh, in one of the character’s reality was a severe, severe trauma survivor but never fully recovered and killed herself.

This movie resonated deeply with us the first time we saw it, we just didn’t know it. A few watched us fall into a deep depression over the video clip below. Complete darkness, for months. We didn’t know if we were going to survive it. This scene landed us in mental hospital:

This is a Moment Of Trauma echo (MOT). Michael thinks Kayleigh/Elizabeth
/Katy are all dead after their MOT.  Michael/Mark feel completely responsible. This
is one of the very few death echos that doesn’t involve water and a female
character, which makes it remarkable, in that sense.

. Ok enough of that sadness stuff.

For those of you who have hung with us through the crappy part, here’s an awesome motivational video to get your Friday hopping off right!

Just as we suspected, our felt arrow rest is complete shit. Not complaining at all, it’s a nice thing to able to have and to apply to our bow but, yuck on every possible level. It’s extremely hard to pull a clean shot as the arrows start to pigeon tail as soon as they start their flight.

The vane of the arrows impact the surface of the bow, which throws off their accuracy at the most important time, when the arrow needs to develop maximum downrange energy and stability without hinderance. This type of rest almost completely eliminates that possibility. We are marksmen at heart, so, our shot accuracy is the most important thing and this felt thing is just nagging us. rawr. We chipped two nails. Son of a.k.

We are trying to remain focused on finding viable ways to keep as many alters as we can co-engaged into a bigger project, say this blog and art in which all can exist. We’ll see.

Well off to sleep we go. It’s been lovely having you here with us today! Thank you for stopping by when you could be elsewhere! 😀

You made it to the weekend – You’re a warrior!

Stay lovely!

   E K K