Hey buddy, how about a dress?

Hello lovelies! Thanks for swinging by! It’s nice you’re here! There has been a battle going on. Katy, Elizabeth and Mike have been bouncing up and down. Kayleigh hasn’t said too much, either. We all had to take a day off from blogging and get some sunlight (lol). Lot’s of crazy shit has been going on.

You would be surprised what a 4 dollar arrow rest can do for your shot – in our cases, for better. Pop! We have pictures.

Archery seems to be yet another creative outlet for us, as at least a few ladies and a few dudes are both trained marksmen and survivalists. Mr. Tough guy; Until someone suggests you buy a dress. Oh boy.
We couldn’t sleep last night. It happens. We are jacked up on coffee, so, hang on, with us. The trip into this quasi female mode that DiD is, is, frankly, terrifying. Recovery is terrifying. We don’t know if we have truly lost our minds again or we are coming back into some kind “reality”. How’s about some music for the rest of the blog?

For a long time, too long, I did all the alpha male stuff. The shooting, the climbing, the football. Our football moniker was “Ostrich”. We did all the sports, camping, “Let’s go out and prove what big guys we were” stereotypical “guy” stuff. That’s cool. Problem was, it never fit for us and everyone was just as confused, we think, because of that fact. When your multiple people at the same time (Austim = force multiplier) including female(s) personalities you’re never yourself, ever.

For us, the feminine has always been present and most people don’t realize that sense about us, which throws most off even more. Down to our touch. We have always been the odd crowd out (That’s ours as of now, lol). It took decades to understand what we understand now.

It feels oddly comfortable (Like an electric zap) to apply nail polish and take part in feminine rituals. We use specific colors for very specific reasons. Our hair grows like a weed and our hair is getting long. We were telling a friend about getting really tiny pink hair clips to keep our hair up and Katy (We have yet to hear from Kayleigh and Elizabeth on this) think’s it would be pretty, too. It can sound and be that crazy.

There are moments where the rational side of your brain is still telling you ‘It’s just you” but it’s not. There’s also the male/alpha male side that also chimes in “Are you fucking kidding me?”. Mark and Michael can lash out. One day, they made decide it’s time to saw off all of our hair and ditch the nails. That’s when a battle starts. Yes folks, it’s that nuts.

Sia DiD is a lot like this

So we are letting our nails dry and a friend chimed in about buying these clips “You need a dress too!”! That’s the moment when you don’t know if you have lost your mind, or everyone else has.

It’s an odd feeling to be oddly comfortable with someone accepting that part of you and the ladies say “FINALLY, NAIL POLISH!”. Which by the we just cannot seem to get wreck. Our fingernails are a wreck. We have to invent a dude formula that resists dents, knicks, crushed fingers, ect.

It truly is a battle. We don’t think we would ever wear a dress, needless to say it’s just not something we are into (Sorry to the down of some of our “Friends”).

The shame and embarrassment of what we are doing, whatever it is happening to us can be crushing at times – a very lonely place to be. We think any rational person would ask themselves, “My God, what are my family and friends going to think about all of this?”. Will people still value your maleness just as much as your femaleness – Some don’t and they are usually easy to pick out. Sad none the less.

Ironically, now that people in our lives know what to look for, they are starting to see Katy and her gaggle of ladies (Mark choose a B lettered word) existing in Mike’s body more and more. As people we knew in our old lives read this blog, it all makes sense for them. It’s like people’s lights are starting to click on. “That’s why he watched the same movie for 3 years, straight!”. Yay!

As my brother law in said “Well, maybe now you can figure out why you are so fucked up!!!!”. The story, as convoluted as it may appear, isn’t all that hard.

So here we are now, waking up to a nightmare, you know?

There is a tremendous amount of shame attached these kinds of things. It’s hardwired through trauma and abuse, (Not to mention regional customs) that we were boys, to do boy things, long after trauma has broken us up into multiple people, including female fragments. We have a sneaking suspicion that we, however have always been more transgender than pro male or pro female.

As ALL humans are transgender…THAT’S RIGHT! You’re transgender too!

  • As men age, they produce more estrogen and less testosterone!
  • As women age they produce less estrogen and produce more testosterone

We all produce the chemicals that the opposite sex produces. We ARE ALL TRANSGENDER. It’s ok, your secret is safe with us.

ANYWAYS! a 4 dollar arrow rest cured a hell of a lot of problems. As we talked about before, arrows we fired were pidgeon tailed. We couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn door. Personally, we blame the coriolis effect (HAHA).

The arrow vanes were cracking up against the side of our bow, just dinging the shit out of it. A stupid, little stick on arrow rest solved the problem! Now, the arrows, even at 20 yards are punching through 2 layers of carpet and high density fiberboard, with energy to spare!

0611170811.jpg  0611170811a
The board did suffer, we aren’t gonna lie.

We hope you had a good time reading this blog! Enjoy your Sunday, our lovelies! 😀 😀

Stay Lovely!





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