Wargames Decoded: Our disaster simulator

Hello lovelies! Considering what’s going on, we only thought it right to share a new scene we have finally decoded! This was another big movie for us, which started us in the science of computers and game theory (Wargaming). We echoed this with someone and it clicked. With the correct filters, applied.


This is all about us learning the truth of what happened to us. What is even more interesting is that we have WOPR as a confirmed alter. He’s our disaster simulator and he isn’t the only computer in our lives.

Even as children, what scared the shit out of us about this scene is the woman’s voice “He’s got the code, he’s going to launch”. Actually scares us now and always evokes tears. This is a Moment Of Realization (MOR) echo!

In this case, it’s all about the words and the sound of the woman’s voice. WOPR was of course, the super computer that the US. GOVT decided to use to control their nuclear arsenal. We won’t spoil the movie for those of you who might not have seen it yet.

This scene is very, very close in context to another echo that drove us batshit, “Terminator 3”. See gifs below:

MikekatydestroyedNucWar“There was no system core…”

“He’s got the code, he’s going to launch” is our Autism code for “He’s got the key to their recovery, a war is going to start” and that’s exactly what happened. This is yet again another reference decades apart that both evoke the same awful emotional responses in us. Our brains knew, loooong before we did that this is exactly what was going to happen. A war.

Our minds are constantly running either mathematics or simulated disaster. It never stops, even when we sleep. Disaster scenarios. High baseline hallucinations of terror, sadness and horror. Every day. Every single day. Involving everyone. We are sure, that again, Autism is acting as a force multiplier for both PTSD and DiD as well, only complicating the problem. Grrr.

These aren’t the only two. TARS (Interstellar), as well is another one we have to contend with.

Echo decoded!! 😀