Quantum worlds: “The Matrix” got it wrong.

Hello lovelies! 😀 What a weird day this has been. We are even more aggravated now than we were before. Son of a. It’s just like, “Gawd!”! Let’s try writing out our frustration(s). Anyways, we were doing some cleaning today and were just thinking about the possibilities of being in control of a quantum simulated world. The possibilities are completely endless.

The Matrix’s storyline dictated that we were in a dream world so that our bodies could be used a glorified battery. The story is certainly engaging but fickle. The Matrix was CLOSE but we think we might have a thesis as to WHY our world(s) were created in the first place. Ready to go down the rabbit hole with us!

Let’s imagine for a moment that you, lovely reader are a weapon designer. Let us say that you purchase a quantum realm simulator for a tremendous amount of money. Let us suggest that you want to design the next, greatest cluster munition for the military.

Imagine opening up your pre-programmed quantum world. You have defined certain values such as military conflict. Perhaps the game (Game theory) engine you set up is Asymmetric vs Non Asymmetric military conflict (With infinite variables), with an emphasis on aerial weaponry.

With a few keystrokes, your simulated world is up and running and the creatures inside of the simulator believe themselves to be “Real”. Their simulated, quantum world would be rife with airstrikes from devastating weapons and your world would be at constant war.

You cold watch events happen in real time, or EVEN, perhaps, try out a version of Quantum Virtual Reality.

As the simulation owner, you could open up a database of hundreds, thousands, if not millions of different weapon types that could be dropped from an aircraft.. You could rewind, fast forward (Time Compression) and have unlimited knowledge potential.  This could be applied to literally, anything.

Imagine owning a quantum simulator that focused on new types of energy sources, rather than relying upon them.  This is why the idea that machines required humans for heat seems so, convoluted.  The answer is where it’s always been. Follow the money.

The most it cost you, or the simulation owner for unlimited knowledge potential is either the money to purchase the simulator or write the game engine yourself. Imagine having an infinite amount of worlds and therefore knowledge and money making opportunities at your fingertips, at any time, at any moment!!!

The money making opportunities are completely endless. Imagine being a music developer with access to a database of millions if not hundreds of millions of songs from a programmed world. You could come up with the next form of music and the labor was in the wallet, not the muscles.

As we have stated before, we believe our “reality” is simply a game engine running at a quantum level. Human consciousness is, we believe, the quantum wave of infinite game resolutions, collapsed, as we observe the resolution of those of games, in our “Real Time”.  Which means, in our estimation that time and scale aren’t real either – It only appears that way to our limited understanding of our surroundings.

We believe that dreaming itself, being so random, is access to the quantum wave itself. We also believe that when we dream, we are transferring data with a larger data system. Before you say “Hey buddy, computers can’t dream”. Oh yes, they can! check this out!


  Perhaps, when we dream, it’s the equivalent to plugging our phones into our laptops to charge them. Perhaps, it’s just that simple and we just aren’t seeing the proverbial usb cable. Data transfer.

We believe our existence is being mined, for data, perhaps power, control and or financial gain by something or someone.

We are already are simulating our own simulated existences, right now. Anyone ever played the sims? We will admit to putting some “GUY” in a room with 4 corners 4 windows and no exits. We would watch him walk in circles, pee himself, and cry. It was hilarious. Imagine that being a reality for some poor sap, believing it to be real, only to be completely not real and created simply for someone else’s pleasure.

Anyone who has spent time playing or watching someone play Grand Theft Auto 5 can see how easily an entire city (And in some games, entire realms) can look convincingly real and appear to be alive with bystanders, traffic, everything.

For those of you interested in quantum physics, you should check out the “Double Slit” experiment.  Here it is (You know we love you!)

  Stay lovely, everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by today!

PS: Scary thought. It’s thought by higher minds than ours that when a simulation realizes it’s a simulation, it’s game over. 😐


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