Ahhhhh JUST GOT IT! Crash Quick decode.

Damn, this feels both really good and really, really, really awful at the same time. We reacted badly the first time we ever saw this scene and reacted so badly the first time we saw it again a few days, we knew something was up. We could feel the same overwhelming (Autism/PTSD Force Multiplier) sense of horror, terror and the need to rescue, immediately. This, we think is us encoding something with a hidden message.

This scene is all about all of us believing that a young (or older?) trauma holder, Katy, has been killed because of the war going on between all of us (Mike, Mark, Elizabeth + others). She is trying to protect one of us (Mike/Mark) from the madness or, the immediate threat Mike/Mark poses to each other – Or perhaps another threat externally, all together. Her jumping in the way, is a metaphor of young katy becoming dominant.

All of us however, as stumped as to HOW this little version of Katy could possibly be alive. Everyone walks away, still, kind of in shock.

However, Katy, despite us believing Katy was killed, she wasn’t. She was just fine.

There isn’t a sense of irony anymore, in that, even the name “Elizabeth” was used. ¬†What makes us think it’s Katy is because of her usual target triggers (Dark Hair, split right down the center) – baby face, big eyes. We are getting quicker at understanding these echos when or soon after has caught our attention.

Totally, horribly fucking awful but liberating at the same time. Ugh. Looks like this would be a moment of realization echo (MOR) and a moment of trauma echo (MOT).

We are beginning to realize, this is another forms of poetry that we are partaking in.

Stay lovely everyone!


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