The Epic Of Gilgamesh: Ghetto Version

Hello lovelies! 😀 We hope your Thursday is going well. Thank you for stopping by today and spending your time with us. We posted a while back, what is considered to be the world’s oldest book, The Epic Of Gilgamesh. It’s something you must read and here are audio versions available. It reveals a lot more than you would think about our amazing human history

We can’t testify to this guy’s street cred but he has all of us rolling. We all need a laugh and we want to share this hilarious version with you, too. Perhaps help you get through late week. Of course, the ACTUAL book is much more revealing and amazing but who could pass this up? This is a completely NSFW video and anyone who is easily offended should probably avoid it as well.

“It is because of my brother, that I fear death…” -The Epic Of Gilgamesh

Stay lovely!!!


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