Saturday night chit chat: Katy’s thwack!

Hello lovelies! 😀 How are you this lovely warm evening? Katy Mae, we think peeked her head out this afternoon and fired a few arrows with us. She’s getting good. We think she took over this evening for a bit and talked with a friend, indirectly. Katy is touchy when it comes to people.

thwak                                                                        25 yard shots!


It’s still hard for me ANP/EP (Mike) to speak as Mark, Katy, ect. We lost loved ones and people that were very special to us because they, along with us, didn’t understand how sick we were and most certainly didn’t understand I was multiple people. Allowing them to act and speak as themselves is very, very disconcerting and downright scary at times, especially when it kills your memory. 😦

The sun was absolutely overpowering today and we only shot for about 35 minutes – The sun was just too strong. We finally have the bow set up! That’s when we noticed how wrecked our nails were.

We were thinking, Katy/Kayleigh/Elizabeth need new, pretty nails (Mark protests) – They have worked hard as well. We also wanna get some really cool drawings cranked out on Sunday. Enjoy some really hot coffee and do some scribbling. It’s about that time.

Thanks for swinging by today! It was lovely to see you! 😀

Stay lovely!


Behold! My hands have made it! –Ninmah


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