When Alters Cry. We were soldiers – Quick decode.

Hello lovelies. Katy is still around here somewhere. We are beginning to see a new theme and pattern developing. Asian women. We have echoed, over and over again, certain asian actresses and characters. More on this later.

It just clicked. We Were Soldiers was a BIG movie for us. This scene, follows the same patterns as the rest of them. Katy, has been visualized yet again, with the same target triggers we find Katy gravitating towards. And again, a woman is powerless to stop a male from leaving.

  In this case, it’s us walking out on Katy, ready for some kind of conflict – Recovery. Again, our brain is working 15 steps ahead of us. This is a recovery echo! We have stated many, many times, our recover has been a literal war.

It’s also interesting in that this is another scene that follows the same theme of abandonment; Katy, or another female is powerless to stop mike/mark/matt from leaving her. This has also been a consistent theme, throughout the decades in many different films we have echoed.


Stay lovely everyone!