Land of the free: Put those arrows away!

Hello lovelies. You’re almost through the week! Two more days!!! You can do it!!! 😀 We are happy you swung by to check our our blog when you could be elsewhere. Thank you from all of us. We wrecked our nails, too. Damnit!

Holy Crapy. Katy  and others finally unloaded some sadness, fury and anger. Everyone is much calmer. They were grievously harmed for no particular reason and needed tackle how they felt – They remained in control of themselves and I am VERY proud of all them. Now we are all just completely spent and have probably split again (Stress can bring on a split). We were so wired up we couldn’t sleep, long past our bedtime.

Long before I knew we were a crew, not one dude, Katy and the rest acted with absolute careless abandon, historically.   Now that we are beginning the process of fusing and working together – things seem a bit more balanced, in every day life as well as all things we partake in.

The biggest issue with some of our protector alters is that they don’t mind at burning down bridges (Metaphorically) and treating people, honestly, the way they are treated or being perceived as being treated. In this case, very badly. Protector alters go for the throat (Metaphorically) whenever they can.

They are good at cutting people down when a protector believes we are in danger from someone. This also plays into something we have termed “Co-Engagement”. Multiple alters can attack, if need be against someone that they believe has harmed them or me (Mike)

The problem, is that they go too far, in many cases. Imagination and anger gone wild. As we have written about before, once an alter is engaged, there is no talking them down. Not this time, however. This time, Katy and the gang tried something different. They listened instead of blindly reacting. We know, or are beginning to learn, that we cannot exist in a glass jar, a vacuum.

We noted yesterday, during this needed conflict, something was different. Katy, Mark, Elizabeth and a few others conveyed their anger without going too far. They all explained how they felt (They were heated, no doubt), what made them upset and what they intended to do about it. This is new and very exciting.

They said some amazing things and made some edicts that, we weren’t expecting and speak loudly but also reveals that they are learning, quickly.

  Problem. Reaction. Solution.

  So we learned, sadly, that we aren’t ALLOWED to fire arrows anywhere in the city in which we live! That’s right, no shooting anything at all. BB gun, recurve bow, anything. Everything has been outlawed. We were shooting in the backyard, letting Katy burn through some fury. Apparently our silent shooting offended someone (BIG surprise) and we were informed that firing an arrow anywhere in our city is illegal.

We spoke to a friend about this completely retarded law and they answer was just as we expected. “Are you fucking serious?” – “It’s time for you guys to get the fuck out of there”. Back home, shooting anything is a sport that many people take part in. Go over to your buddy’s house, pull out a few rifles and shoot them in the backyard. Not here.

Get this: If we want to shoot an arrow, we have to travel completely outside of the city and we have to pay someone to shoot at their indoor range. Wow.


It’s Wednesday and your almost through the week. Keep workin! 😀 Here are some tunes for you! Hang in there!

  Stay Lovely!





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