This one was bad: BoonDock Saints.

Hello lovelies. This one put us into a hospital. Anyone who knows us knows how bad this one was. We were stuck on << for years and years on this one. There are a ton of triggers in this scene, which a few alters are co-engaged with. The first, of course, is the number 3 AGAIN. Three, over and over again.

  This could be Mike/Matt/Mark wrapped up in a fight with adoptive father, or another potential target. It could also be an echo of some kind of internal conflict. Perhaps, alters against Mike? Also, we know that Elizabeth identifies more as Christian, which is amazing, beautiful and odd. Fascinating, in fact. It’s interesting that one of the characters wants to be a part of the group but really isn’t all that threatening.

The firearms of course, many of us enjoy, which means that those alters that do enjoying shooter, are also, by default now co-engaged in the scene as well as both EPs (Emotional Parts) and ANPs (Apparently Normal Parts).

This scene includes music that one would hear in a Christian/Catholic church, which Elizabeth enjoys. This by default means she is listening and actively co-engaged as an EP (Emotional part) and can become sad, happy or anything in between based on the scene’s context and her interpretation of the music that she is enjoying. Imagine not being aware of this happening for 38 years.

We were raised as Roman Catholics but our deaths as children revealed the fact that “God” isn’t what we think it is. This entire movie is a contradiction. The movie characters are killing “bad people” in the name of “God” (Which is just acceptable revenge) and there are problems with that thesis. Number 1, killing is a sin. Thou shall not kill. Also, the movie characters claim that THEY know what God wants, which is also a big no no. Genesis makes that VERY clear.

Anyone who reads the Bible as nothing more than a BOOK understands that many of the sins that the movie characters claim they are killing for as “God’s” justice are sanctioned in the Bible as acceptable forms of behavior to include forcible rape, torture, murder, child abuse, bigotry, racism, war crimes and slavery.

So it’s very hard for us in the sense that Mike and others know what religion actually is, while other’s,  in this case, Elizabeth enjoys the idea of a “God”. Yeesh, what a ball of wires.

By the way, we aren’t knocking anyone’s religion, what you believe is just lovely as long as it makes you happy!

Stay lovely, everyone!