The science of drowning(s).

Hello lovely readers! When the movie “The Perfect Storm” started becoming a real problem for us, we sank into a very dark place. We didn’t understand, at the time, what this movie actually meant. Our drowning(s).

KayleighmissKaty describing the monster that hunted her down and drowned her to Mike/Mark/Matt. Notice, again, Katy is soaking wet. Katy holds our collective trauma and remembers her/our drowning.

We sank deeper and deeper into the pit of becoming fishermen, we began to study the story of the Andrea Gail, potential employment on a ship, wave mechanics, weather systems, long line ships, ship navigation, ship designs and of course, drownings. We didn’t know, however that we were becoming the main characters of this movie trying to express our deaths that night.

There is something interesting to drownings. You drown in one of two ways. For some, water simply enters the lungs, crushes the grapelike Alveoli in the lungs and one drowns. However, some people suffer something called “Laryngospasms”. When water (Or anything) hit’s a person’s vocal cords, they clamp shut. Water cannot enter a person’s lungs who has Laryngospasms and they asphyxiate (die of oxygen starvation).

Mark/Mike/Matt fought valiantly, to the end, against our own drownings.
The Andrea Gail is being “Pitch poled”.

This is important in the sense that we know we don’t suffer Laryngospasms, which leads to a greater truth that we echo to this day, in various forms. When we were drowned and then revived, we thew water up. Water entered our lungs.

Katy and Elizabeth (Note age) fighting to save Mike/Mark/Matt during our drowning. Katy and Elizabeth know who drowned us. Another echo based in the number three.

It’s very scary when something like this happens. We ended up reading the book of the same name, specifically the section about drownings, over and over and over again. The message: We didn’t suffer Laryngospasms when we were drowned. Drowning, not surprisingly is a common, recurrent theme in many of the movies that drove us into insanity.

Mike/Mark fighting to save Katy from being drowned.
“I won’t give up, don’t quit!”

We never saw the common connection of water, death and drowning even though we watched the same movie scenes from this movie (and many others) millions of times. Stuck in <<, not understanding the message(s) Mark, Katy and the others were screaming, at the top of their lungs.

Scary, scary but liberating shit.

Stay lovely, everyone.





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