Nasty Economy? No one’s laughing now.

Hello lovelies! 😀 We hope your Friday night is going well and you are having fun! You made it through the week! We knew you could do it. We have been following the economy very, very, very carefully. As many of you know (Those of you who are awake), the economy is going to correct itself to real value, sooner rather than later.

Plenty of laughs, jeers and smiles no matter how many of our friends we speak to. “You’re crazy, you must watch Alex Jones!” As comedy, sure. Turns out one of the employers here that employs a lot of people just laid off a lot of people,  some of whom we know. Even the small town we live in, is beginning to feel the effects of the collapsing, credit strapped economy. We weren’t laughing then and now we feel even worse.

If anyone out there doubts our claims, google “The Retail Apocalypse”. Better yet, Google “United States Debt To GDP Ratio”. Inflation is already hitting, hyperinflation is on it’s way and prices of food and goods are skyrocketing, across the country. The Fed hiked rates, which is an interesting move.

If you don’t know, the economy is about to correct to real value and we hope everyone out there is preparing accordingly. Even TONY ROBBINS is warning of a crash. Yea, it’s that bad.


Our economy persona fragments. Three, again.


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