Noah’s Ark found? Anchor stones prove historical errors.

Hello lovelies. What a confusing time. We hope your Friday is going well! ­čśÇ As students of history, we love digging into all sides of the debate of our history. We found this documentary to be interesting but unfortunately, the debris at the site of this “Ark”presents serious historical problems.

  • ┬á The Epic Of Gilgamesh ┬áhas it’s own flood story, along with other stories and fables that match, exactly, the Bible’s accounts, such as Cain and Able.
  • ┬áSumer was the earliest known but highly advanced civilization on Earth, predating the Bible’s matching “history”, completely.
  • In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the flood story, ended with Utnapishtim┬álanding his ship (Ark) on Mt. Nisir which is in Iraq, not on Mt. Ararat in Turkey, as stated in the Holy Bible.

One of the biggest issues we have is the with the “Anchor Stones” that the Ark, was posited as having dropped as Noah and his Ark closed on Mt. Ararat. The crosses (Byzantine) that are etched into those anchor stones are the wrong types of crosses one would expect to see from a massive, worldwide flood, pre Bible as described by the Sumerians.

The very fact that there are Byzantine Crosses etched into those anchor stones suggest they were either placed there, after a potential flood, along with the ship – Or the ship itself was simply a random but type ship that ran aground (For whatever reason) and was adorned with period art for the period in which it existed, certainly, long after a pre bible, worldwide flood as reported by the Sumerians.

Stay lovely everyone!

Here’s the Sumerian flood story from the Epic Of Gilgamesh:

PS: We aren’t knocking ANYONE’s religion. What you believe is what you believe. As long as it makes you happy, that’s what’s most important. ­čÖé


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