When Elizabeth screams: Our quantum world.

Hello lovelies! Katy and Elizabeth have a message for someone. We believe they (Much more so Katy) are searching for someone to surrender their/her trauma to. In this search, they, along with the rest of us are learning, that it’s going to amazingly beautiful when they find who they are looking for and when and how they discharge that horror they been holding onto for so long .

We expect it to be spectacular.

  What’s even more interesting that this movie scene, that this one of our favorite scenes and it describes the quantum world of infinite possibilities, elegantly. They even name the place that Katy is existing in and it’s called “The in between”!! “This place isn’t one place and its not the other place” – “It’s BITS of both”. 0 and 1 – The quantum wave. Of course, as we live inside a quantum simulation, we collapse the quantum wave function as we (Or you) witness and observe the world around you.

Also note, there’s a blonde, a brunette, a dark haired boy and an Asian girl. We know we have a female Asian alter up until now, was unnamed. We will call her Holly,  for now. Hello Holly!

Continue being lovely!!!




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