Too many guns!

Hello lovelies! Last night we were watching a lecture about the Indus Valley Civilization and the entire lecture was studded with upcoming movie trailers. Can we see, just one, just ONE movie trailer that doesn’t have a gun in the first 3 seconds of the trailer? PLEASE!!?!

On that note, we are going to split the blog up into chunks. We gave great thought to this and we don’t want people thinking we are trying to promote some kind of religious or ideological message/agenda using our recovery as a catalyst.

We are gonna work on how to get something like that up. We really don’t wanna have to build another entire new blog. 😦 We didn’t really think of this until yesterday. Whoops. We will figure it out. We tried Facebook for about 3 days. Nope. Can’t do it. Cesspool of fakery, too gross.




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