The Edge: Our first survival alter.

Hello lovely readers! ūüėÄ You made it! Friday is upon you! Thank you for stopping by our blog when you could be elsewhere! ūüėÄ We ALL thank you! We have Amy Lee cranked in our headphones, so we know one more of the ladies in our heads are co-engaged as persona fragments. This also helps easy Katy and the others peek¬† their heads out and
become realized and vocalized. Sometimes they get testy and sometimes they refuse to speak, talk, draw or anything else. They can be moody. ūüėź

KatypeekElizabeth, dominant or co-engaged, taking a look around.

¬† That being said, The Edge was the first survival movie that we saw that we immediately began to echo, unbeknown to us. We won’t spoil the movie, of course but it’s a very good one. From the point of view of a former survival instructor, the movie makes some pretty big leaps and¬†some missteps¬†but isn’t that the case with all media, doesn’t it.

While doctors spent too many¬†decades misdiagnosing us (and poisoning us), they also would mistakenly comment that it wasn’t surprising that we are survivalists because we needed to escape¬†trauma and remain in a high baseline position. A big swing and a miss. Not exactly, it’s a bit more complicated than that.¬†¬† The big answer from doctors as to why we would decide to just¬†up and leave and be abused by nature was simple: High baseline function(s). It would make sense given our history but it’s not that at all. Sure, the trauma we experienced created the DiD disorder but it was the disorder driving the need to become a character that was placed in the survival situation in the first place – not trauma.

It’s a combination of issues happening at the same time. The role of the characters aren’t so important so much as the story they have to tell. We physically became these characters for confusing reasons. Sadly we can’t spoil the movie so we will use other examples.

It’s not the role Helen Hunt plays in the movie as a storm chaser so much as why she’s chasing storms. In our case, Kayleigh (Katy/The ladies, Co-Engaged) is telling Mike/Mark/Matt about who drowned her. It’s not that Kayleigh chose Helen Hunt because she’s a storm chaser, it’s the stories she’s telling that have nothing to do with storm chasing, it just appears that way:


So Kayleigh, now must become a storm chaser, regardless of what Mike or the other alters want. The character she sees on screen who’s story can’t be altered and who can’t be drowned or tortured, she must become for those reasons. We did exactly that. We chased storms for years, studying everything about them, believing ourselves to be invisible. We became Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton¬†and had the hail dents in our car to prove it.

If you, the lovely reader can believe it, we aren’t the biggest fan of computers. We actually kind of hate them, most times. That, however doesn’t matter. We spent a few years hand building computers and ran a business working with them. “So what’s up with that, then?!?!” you might be asking. Made no sense in total illness, perfect sense now in recovery:

 This movie was a big, big movie for us. This movie came out at a very pivotal year for us. 1983. The kid in the movie was a hacker, someone who built computer systems and then got into big trouble with that technology. Sounds like someone we know. We took apart our first computer when we were 14 but had been using them for years, beforehand.

This movie, is also encoded in three and military conflict.


W.O.P.R. is a confirmed alter. Both as number cruncher and a simulator (Autism modifier) that operates just as you see it above (That runs 24-7). As you can see from the echo above, Mike is rather impressed and amused.

Even Katy and Mike, both artists had to use computers that we don’t really like¬†to use, to endlessly echo our drowning as drawing and art¬†was tortured out of us.

Our drownings came out of nowhere, out of the blue, literally.
Note two ships sitting in WATER. Also note, the fire. This movie echo stumped
everyone, including us, for decades. What the hell could a bomb being dropped on a ship POSSIBLY mean?

Bomb.jpgMike/Katy designing the same bomb you just in the Gif above, Co-Engaged as digital artists as drawing wasn’t possible. Katy and Mike both still shake when they draw. It made no sense why we both modeled this bomb over and over again on computers we didn’t like. Makes perfect sense now, we were echoing our drownings(s) that came out of nowhere and had no idea we were doing it. This model was made years ago, note the colors. Very scary.

So, in effect, it’s not that we chose these characters to become and echo had nothing to do with their profession. It’s the unmodifiable¬†story they were telling that forced us to start becoming self¬†taught experts in their profession.

You can’t become a drunken commercial pilot who doesn’t know who he is or what’s wrong with him without understanding aviation. The booze and pill part we had down.

This character was at the end of his ropes. Everyone in his life aided and abetted his addictions. At one point, this character couldn’t tell another lie, not one more lie. We were in the exact same boat. Not one more drink, not one more pill, not one more fucking lie.

Because of this connection we had to study, quickly and obsessively¬†commercial aviation. That we did in spades. We would spend days in front of a computer screen ferrying make believe passengers to and from destinations in a flight simulator not understanding we had become Denzel Washington’s character. This movie was another serious problem. We echoed movie scenes, music, direct echos. For years. It. Was. Awful.

Who are you?

There you are lovely readers! The assumption that we were survival instructors to remain in a high baseline, considering these facts, seems silly now.¬†It doesn’t really matter what the characters we¬†echoed, roles were, it was what they were saying that made all the difference. The context of the situations¬†seems to us, infinitely more important than the role the characters played.

There you have it! ūüėĬ†Go see¬†“The Edge” this weekend. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!!

Stay lovely!