The Landslides just keep coming: Rat in a maze.

Hello lovely. What a productive day we have had. We know a major split has occurred with a fresh set of eyes to look at problems we have documented, in case of this situation happening now. It just clicked. When we were children we draw these massive grids of squares. Sub-Division. This math has led to some of the greatest discoveries of our lives.

There’s more to the story. As kids, we never knew why we drew the damn things. In class, when we actually attended school, these grids were one of the only things we drew and we drew them all over everything.
At first, we were going to ask all of you what we thought it was, but then we took another look. This to us, resembles nothing more than an inescapable maze! This is how bad it was. We were a rat a maze and because no one would listen our pleas, we even tried drawing it. We didn’t understand we were drawing our own insanity. That’s how bad it was.


We were trapped. Every time we screamed out for help no matter how loudly and dangerously screamed, we were shouted down. Lies were told. We were the bad guys. It wasn’t our adoptive family that tortured us, it was someone else who hurt us. THAT’s why we were acting out.

This comes at an odd time as Mike, Katy and a few others have been hurt and are facing incredible pain. All of these huge revelations seems to be coming at very odd times. This isn’t the first time we have used media to describe ourselves as a child, still trapped in a maze. This is the link we keep finding. Everything stopped.


Shit times, lovelies.

Stay lovely.