Amazing History: New Evidence of Titanic’s sinking!

Hello lovelies. What an exhausting day, Jesus. Numerous alters were active and co-engaged today and we are just wiped out. If you are blessed with the time to view this documentary, we give this a huge many thumbs up. WOW.

You will NOT be disappointed. There is new (and damning) evidence of something we read about many times, in other historic books about the Titanic and what happened on board. We don’t want to spoil it and information about what happened on board was extremely sparse when we were researching the sinking.

We have been studying the Titanic our entire lives, as Elizabeth chose this movie to visualize Mike’s drowning, however, she hasn’t yet shared it, with anyone.

If you really want to take a peek into the completely surreal surrounding this disaster, Google “Wreck of the Titan”. Better yet, here’s the book cover. Written in 1898. There are NO coincidences, our lovelies.




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