Hello lovelies! Oh, better late than never. This scene bothered us for a long, long time and every time we tried to pin something to it, it just didn’t fit. Something wasn’t right. As we are under a tremendous amount of pressure, we think Elizabeth popped out and helped. A fresh set of eyes is always good.

This entire scene is about Mike and Mark SPLITTING and Mark becoming dominant after ¬†fighting for dominance (Possession). The fighting for control echo has been a recurrent theme, throughout our lives. Some of us aren’t very happy with the feminine and this is a perfect description of that.

This is the conflict we have, when Mark has had enough of Katy or the other ladies. The Girl’s death isn’t her literal death, it’s her gone (As in non dominant) a 9 year old stuck in repeat can’t contemplate death, yet.

Sheesh! With all of this backwards at times, God. What a living nightmare we have been living.

Continue being lovely!