Fury: Mark’s hidden sides. (Not such a tough guy after all.)

Hello our lovely readers, we hope your day is lovely and wonderful. So, today we started taking apart The Devil’s Advocate (This unlocked a new, major Katy revelation) and somehow, Fury came back up in our feed. Between chores, the hounds and recovery work, there’s no time to breathe. Anyways.

This again, shows in great detail the DiD battle. The Alpha (Mark/Matt) vs’s The Beta (Mike). Mark loves to teach through either humiliation, sheer force or asymmetric, almost military like, teaching style. Mark of course, is the overamplification of the Alpha, that had to be created because of trauma. His rage is the pent up “Fury” no pun intended that he never got to express.

This is interesting because we are finding very specific themes to Mark’s ways. He can’t stand some of the things Mike could NEVER do as he see’s the world a different way apart from Mike (Me!). He will teach through pain if necessary. This isn’t the first time he has visualizes how Mark loves to manhandle Mike into some dark thinking but for a greater purpose. To “Be a man”, whatever that actually means.

Here we see again the same pattern arising. Mark LOOOOOVES to metaphorically burn Mike (And others close to us) because he knows we (and others) are tougher than they think. The same “I’m teaching you something” themes are consistently popping up that we could write for days about. We hope so far, somehow, somewhere our story will be of service to someone else who may not understand their own themes.

The interesting thing about Mark, though is that he also, is very emotional. He has visualized how much he hates what he does, just as in the Fury scene at the top. Below, The main character executes someone – it’s the look on his face after the crime occurs. “I hate what I have become, I can take no more…”

This is a visualization of Mark metaphorically removing someone from our lives,
not us actually killing someone. To a small child, death is gone.

It’s ironic that on the exterior can be a terrifying person to go up against in a debate or similar type situation and he considers himself the ultimate protector however, we have other protector alters, too that will battle him, especially the feminine which he can’t stand. He, just like any other protector will lash out at the moment he feels he, us or someone we know is in danger (And there’s more than one kind of danger).

Mark first showed up right around the time of the drowning. He visualized himself as Jaws, from “Moonraker”. Mark has always been a larger than life alter, character, defense mechanism, whatever and perhaps that’s a fitting persona to visualize when we were kids. An unstoppable force.


This continued into our teen years as Mark visualized himself as both “Max Cady” and “Drago” from Cape Fear and Rocky 4, both movies caused us serious problems for our entire lives. Max Cady never wanted revenge, nor does Mark. Mark wants the people that drowned us and kidnapped us, to understand that they are no BETTER than us.

Drago of course is just a terrifying looking person being so large and well built. The one interesting thing about Mark that was noted in Rocky 4 was “You cut him! You hurt! You see, you see he’s NOT a machine he’s a MAN!”. Made no sense at the time why we would cut ourselves to this line, makes perfect sense now.

  We hiked a charity event, raising money for adoption services. What it actually was us becoming Drago, once again. Living in the gym, everyday for a year, listening to the Rocky soundtrack.

  I would walk home (With the rocky soundtrack in our headphones) from the gym listening to and putting on Rocky music while we showered, only to end up watching Rocky 4 all night long until another alter wanted to become dominant. Than we become a storm chaser again, and the conflict starts all over again. Completely undetected by anyone.

It’s insanity unleashed under the guise of a kind act (Which it was). The insanity is not understanding your aware that your doing any of these things and that you aren’t aware that someone else has become Drago. It’s a scary, dark horrible existence. A place of living in the only moment you have, the second ahead of you. That’s it. you exist on plane of existence in a 3D reality.

So our message to the not so tough Mark (As this blog is our collective expression) and anyone else out there battling DiD. There’s such thing as being either a “Woman” or a “Man”. There’s being yourself. No one can define your existence but you. It’s your own set of belief’s that guide you to higher truths, that make you whatever you choose to be.

Mark is a unique alter, someone you want watching your back but who’s learning how to be not so harsh. Some have said that Mark seems a bit tamer than he used to be a few years ago. We will let others be the judge of that.

Thank’s everyone for stopping by when you could be elsewhere. It really means a lot that others are here, reading our silly little blog.

Continue being lovely!