Particles of “Light” teleported. (Sort of )

Hello lovelies. check this out:

We are getting closer and closer (Albeit slowly) to understanding the quantum system we live in.

As we live inside of quantum computer simulation, this once again confirms the idea that quantum bits or qubits are connected, entangled regardless of distance, which also, isn’t real. There’s no such thing as distance in our reality.

We contend that our reality is a set of stacked quantum games running in real time
and we are witnessing the outcomes of the games. Note, with this theory applied
we form a double helix.

  SAY WHAAAAT you make be shouting. Blasphemer! Give us one more second of your time before you start sending us heated emails.

How does one define distance and time? Does we have examples here on Earth that we could apply to what we are suggesting?(Context Evidence Model CEM(t)) OF COURSE WE DO! Tons of it! Let s take Grand Theft Auto, for example. This is a MASSIVE open world city.
Your character sure believes they are flying at blinding speeds, covering actual distance and why wouldn’t he or she. If he or she were “Conscious”, they wouldn’t know the difference if they believe themselves and their surroundings to contain both time and three dimensional space.

You can run around for hours, fly around the entire city, racking up mile after mile after mile flying at 120 knots. Seems real, and it appears your actually going somewhere buzzing over rooftops at blinding speeds, jamming to the tuns, but you are going nowhere. Looks real, feels real and it appears your character is moving covering actual distance.

Also, time, inside of a computer simulation can be sped up or slowed down. So, is time, or our understanding of it, even real as well?

This is the point that we are trying to make. We are already simulating our own reality. Time and Space, we content certainly isn’t what we think it is. We have left the comments open as this has nothing to do with recovery.

Continue being lovely!


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