Emotion by noise – The bridge from us to you.

Having multiplicity in your life which is magnified by Autism can be very tricky. Anger can be especially tricky. People with Autism, or at least in our case, cannot easily express emotions to others. What we have learned so far in recovery is that sound is the thing that helps us describe how we are feeling. Sound is a language that every human understands.

We don’t want you to know how we feel, we want you to understand how we feel. When, you, lovely reader interpret what you hear, personally, of your own inner reflection, you can understand how we feel. Only you can process our sound of anger, in your own way, using experiences that are relative to YOU and the sound you’re hearing, not our experience. In this way, we have bridged the gap between you and us.

We thought we might share some of our negative light, throw it out into the quantum field: Hopefully some good light will come back to us.

Descriptor: The Trumpets of Angry Angels.

Mark: https://youtu.be/wtZSdCqTmhI?t=6s
Descriptor: Fury

Katy: https://youtu.be/9O5hJ8_c2eM
Descriptor: Anger (1st scream, volume warning)