New Recovery Milestone!

We have discovered that it’s Kayleigh who is holding certain trauma that has happened to us. She has been waiting quite a long time to start talking. I/we misidentified her for a long time in recovery, thinking it was Katy. Yesterday, the last puzzle finally fell into place and it finally made sense.

Kayleigh has been visualized our entire lives and everything she has been echoing for so long has to do with specific trauma and trauma themes. She generally has an expressionless face and prefers pigtails.

kayleighDomKayleigh Ann, becoming dominant. She’s the center of attention
which is an indication, in our estimation that she has become dominant.

Her starring appearance really started becoming apparent very early in our recovery. Here she is, screaming at us and the world that she exists. This video became a problem the first time we saw it.



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